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Best Sandbag Workout from Marcus Filly

Take your sandbag on a ride.

Check out the best sandbag workout from Marcus Filly.

Marcus Filly is the founder of the popular training program Functional Bodybuilding, which mixes functional exercises with aesthetic training and focuses on longevity.

Best Sandbag Workout from Marcus Filly
Marcus Filly at the CrossFit Games

Sandbags can be incredibly handy when it comes to training. You can focus on a particular muscle group with this fitness gear, or make it a well-rounded workout that will improve your endurance.

As a former CrossFit athlete, Filly knows how demanding sandbag workouts can be. He likes to empty the sandbag and bring it with him while on vacation to then fill it up and perform some exercises.

Marcus Filly’s 7 Most Important Functional Bodybuilding Exercises

Check out the best sandbag workout from Marcus Filly below.

  • 100-metre bear hug carry

Followed by:

  • 10-8-6-4-2 of
  • Sandbag over shoulder
  • Sandbag bear hug squat
  • Sandbag alternating reverse lunges

Finish it off with:

  • 100-metre bear hug carry

Best Sandbag Workout from Marcus Filly

According to Filly, this exercise will give a full body pump.

”simple, effective. This will light up your upper back and your lower back, and will give a great conditioning piece for your weekend.”

Did you enjoy the best sandbag workout from Marcus Filly? How did it go?

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Sandbag Workouts

Sandbags are unstable and rough. The weight and centre of gravity shifts and changes. This forces you to constantly adapt and alter your grip and balance, resulting in an excellent full body workout.

How can you Use a Sandbag?

Sandbags can be thrown, picked up, held, carried or even treated like a weights vest.

They can act as a substitute for almost any barbell or dumbbell movement. For instance, you can use a sandbag for movements like cleans, shoulder-to-overhead, and back squats.

Simply thrown it over your shoulder or hold it on your back and run if you want to add intensity and load to your endurance work and Sandbag WODs.

Benefits of Sandbag WODs

Sandbag WODs will improve your general strength and fitness. They will augment your coordination, balance and grip strength.

Another great benefit is how this simple and effective piece of fitness equipment will enhance your mental toughness.

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