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The Best Science Based Triceps Exercises for Each Head (Grow Your Arms)

Optimise your arms.

These science based triceps exercises for each head from Jeremy Ethier will help you find your weak points, destroy them, and improve your physique, strength and performance.

The Best Science Based Triceps Exercises for Each Head

“When it comes to the “best tricep exercises for mass” or the “best triceps workout”, it’s important that you consider more than just the sheer size of your triceps.”

athlete lifts dumbbells for triceps exercise Triceps Exercises to Hit Every Head Why Your Triceps are not Growing Triceps Exercises for Each HeadSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

“Because it’s the proportionate development of all three triceps heads (the lateral head, medial head, and long head of the triceps) that is what creates aesthetic-looking triceps.”

Target the Long Head

“To target the long head, we know that we can take advantage of the fact that it crosses over the shoulder joint. Two triceps exercises that take advantage of this are incline dumbbell tricep kickbacks and incline dumbbell overhead tricep extensions.”

“But, as shown in the video, proper form becomes essential for these triceps exercises in order to really emphasize the long head.”

Target the Lateral Head

“For the lateral head, overhand cable tricep pushdowns/extensions seem to be the best option whereas the rope tricep pushdowns/extensions seems to be the best option for the medial head (and for overall triceps development).”

“I would also add the weighted tricep dips to the mix as well given that the triceps tend to respond best to heavy weight.”

“Now instead of performing all these “tricep head exercises”, you want to instead pick a couple based on where your triceps are lagging. Then incorporate that into your triceps routine!”

Video – The Best Science Based Triceps Exercises for Each Head

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