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Best Chin-Up Variations

Tired of the traditional version? Try these 5 options.

Chin-ups are great bodyweight exercises that build your upper body. Check out these 5 best chin-up variations.

The chin-up is an exercise every athlete should incorporate into their training. It is considered a variation of the pull-up but there are big differences between one and the other.

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However, if you are looking for the best chin-up variations then check out this list created by Rob Riches.

Rob Riches is an athlete, competitor and fitness model who makes videos to motivate and educate people about fitness. His YouTube channel has more than 650K subscribers.

Source: Gordon Cowie / Unsplash

Best Chin-Up Variations

1. Wide-Grip Chin-Up

The wider you have your grip, the more you are focusing on the upper back muscles such as rhomboids, mid and lower traps, teres major and minor, and your lats.

2. Underhand-Grip Chin-Up

The classic biceps-grower chin-up. It also targets your back muscles, although is primarily a bicep exercise.

3 . D-Handle Chin-Up

This fitness gadget is common for seated rows, but you can turn your d-handle into a chin-up tool. Just put it on top of the bar and you will be hitting the inner section of your back by keeping a neutral grip and your elbows in.

4. Behind-The-Neck Chin-Up

This is a harder variation of the chin-up and you should not pull your body up all the way, but rather to the top of the ears.

5. Close-Grip Pull-Up

By playing around with the width of your grip during a chin-up or pull-up you are targeting different muscles on your back and in different angles. Make sure you test out different widths to strengthen your entire back utilising simply a pull-up bar.

Best Chin Up Variations – VIDEO


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