The Best Way To Isolate The Chest For Growth

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What is the best way to isolate the chest for growth? Find out below.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel. In the video below, Jeff goes in-depth about what he believes to be the best way to isolate the chest for growth.

It is important to note the video is focused more on the upper chest region. The exercises he discussed are chest isolation, not compound movements such as the bench press.

If you are looking for the best overall chest exercise, Nippard believes it to be the bench press. If he was to add an accessory movement it would be the weighted dip.

Best Way To Isolate The Chest For Growth

But this is regarding the best way to isolate the chest for growth and here are the ways Nippard considers to be the best to do just that.

Best Way To Isolate The Chest For Growth

1. Horizontal Shoulder Adduction

  • Pec major
  • Anterior deltoid

In other words, any fly exercise in which you bring your arm across your body. With the fly, you keep your elbow locked in position taking away the tricep activation from the movement which is common in a bench press with barbell or dumbbells.

2. Shoulder Flexion

  • Upper pec
  • Anterior deltoid

The clavicular head of the pecs is able to assist with shoulder flexion and this is the reason why the incline bench press hits the upper pec fibres better than in a flat bench.

3. Internal rotation

  • Pec major

“Basically when you rotate your arms inward […] you should feel your pec contract a bit,” Nippard says. And how do you activate your upper chest by rotating your shoulders inward? With a twist to the cable fly.

Set up your flys at a lower position, take two steps forward until you feel a stretch on your pecs, plant your feet with arms out at about 15-30 angle. Keep your shoulders blades retracted and keep your scapulae retracted.

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