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Colleen Fotsch Transformation, Her Important Message on Body Image & 5 Top Workouts

Colleen Fotsch is an incredibly strong athlete and extraordinary role model.

Workout 2


6 sets:
5 Staggered Stance Behind the Neck Strict Press @ 95#
– rest 1:30 –
4 sets:
10 Bent Over Lateral Raise
– right into –
8-10 Muscle Snatches (last set here at 65#)
– rest 1:30 –

Definitely a handful of exercises I miss doing and I really miss any kind of Olympic lifting so getting to have these muscle snatches in this cycle makes me SO happy ❤️ Last few reps got a bit limbo like 🥴 but overall felt really good. Pressing also felt great and currently strict pressing and squatting the same weight lol but that won’t last too long, these legs are comin back!

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