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Colleen Fotsch Transformation, Her Important Message on Body Image & 5 Top Workouts

Colleen Fotsch is an incredibly strong athlete and extraordinary role model.

Workout 3

Celebrating 5 weeks post op with a major leg pump 😈

3 sets:
4 x :20 single leg wall sit
– :20 rest between –
Right into 20 air squats
– 1:30 rest between sets –
4 min wall sit
(1 min knees apart/feet apart
1 min knees together/feet apart
1 min knees apart/feet together
1 min knees together/feet together)
Right into 30 air squats 🔥
*All with BFR
3 sets:
@mbslingshot banded side walks
14 steps down and back twice
– rest 1:30 –

We recently started incorporating BFR training into mix to work on gaining back overall strength and mass on my right leg. I was hobbling real good after it was all said and done but in the best way! Think my legs will be a bit sore tomorrow and I can’t wait! 🤗😜

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