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First CrossFit Age Group Semifinals Over, Unofficial Results and Highlights

Masters and Teens also put on a show this past weekend, but only 10 athletes in each age division will advance to the CrossFit Games.

The first week of Age Group Semifinals is over and the best Teens and Masters in the 35-39, 40-44, and 45-49 divisions now await for the leaderboard to be finalised.

The online competition determines the 10 athletes that advance to the 2022 CrossFit Games.

The Age Group Semifinal, which took place between May 26 and 29, saw athletes in each age division compete in six workouts for their chance to qualify for the Games.

This is the third online competition Teens and Master athletes have tackled this season, starting with the Open, moving on to Quarterfinals, and finally Semifinals.

According to the CrossFit Games rulebook, the leaderboard will be finalised by the 5th of June, “within one week of each competition concluding.”

Here are the unofficial results of week 1 of the Age Group Semifinals, as they stand at the time of writing.

Age Group Semifinals results

Check out the workouts these athletes completed.

Girls 14-15

1Lucy McGonigle
2Rylee Beebe
3Lili-Gabrielle Deroulede
4Bergrós Björnsdóttir
5Reese Littlewood

Boys 14-15

1RJ Mestre
2Ka’eo Subiono
3Brode Beckwith
4Harvey Rehrig
5Leonardo Torres

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Girls 16-17

1Olivia Kerstetter
2Trista Smith
3Jadzia Onorati-Phillips
4Sophia Shaft
5Hayleigh Kanthack

Boys 16-17

1Caleb Mcclure
2Ty Jenkins
3Martí Pla
4Rökkvi Guðnason
5Johan Roberts
masters athlete performs a burpee over bar during CrossFit competition
CrossFit Open 22.2 Crossfit BLACK OAK Belgium / Europe

Women 35-39

1Chyna Cho
2Angelica Bengtsson
3Maryam Zanbagh            
4Emilia Leppänen
4Aneta Tucker

Men 35-39

1Sam Dancer
2Ioannis Papadopoulos
3Bryan Wong
4Rogelio Gamboa
5Julian Serna

Women 40-44

1Kelly Friel
2Rebecca Voigt Miller
3Kelly Marshall
4Mayra Brandt
5Jimena Delamer

Men 40-44

1Michael Laverriere
2Samer Zaarour
3Aaron Bielefeldt
4Alexandre Jolivet
5Josh Petlowany

Women 45-49

1Michelle Suozzi
2Ali Crawford
3Jessica Manfro
4Jen Bottcher
5Karen McCadam

Men 45-49

1Vlad Liashkevich
2Mike Kern
3Yurii Hanson
4Jason Grubb
5Giulio Silvino

View the full Age Group Semifinal leaderboard here.


Greek athlete Ioannis Papadopoulos lifted the heaviest weight during workout 6 – a max Clean and Jerk following Wall Balls – with a total of 352lb. The second athlete to lift the most weight in the age group was 17-year-old Johan Roberts with an impressive 331lb, one pound heavier than 42-year-old Alexandre Jolivet.

Olivia Kerstetter lifted the most weight out of all women competing across all divisions with a huge 242lb clean and jerk.

Workout 3, which involved completing a maximum number of snatches, saw 15-year-old Lucy McGonigle complete a mind-blowing 89 reps. And workout 4, which saw athletes complete max-rep Bar Muscle-Ups after GHD Sit-Ups and Handstand Walks, saw numbers well into the triple digits, with 16-year-old Trista Smith completing the most reps across all female age divisions with a score of 159. 35-year-old Bryan Wong completed 162 reps for the win.

Notable names missing the CrossFit Games (unofficially)

For 2022, only 10 athletes in each age group advance to the CrossFit Games, a 50% cut from the previews year.

At the time of writing, experienced CrossFit Games athletes such as Frederik Aegidius, Paul Tremblay, Austin Malleolo and Annie Sakamoto all sit outside the 10-athlete cut-off line.

CrossFit Semifinals coming up

Age Group Semifinals (week 2)

The second week for Age Group Semifinals takes place between Thursday, June 2, and Sunday, June 5. The following age groups will compete for their spot at the 2022 CrossFit Games:

  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65+

Adaptive Semifinals

Additionally, all Adaptive divisions will be competing in the Adaptive Semifinals the same weekend. This is also an online competition – for which the workouts have now been released – and will crown the Fittest Athletes in the Vision, Intellectual, Seated without hip function, Seated with hip function and Short stature divisions.

The top five athletes from the Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Neuromuscular divisions will receive an invitation to compete live in the CrossFit Games.

Individual and Team Semifinals

To close the weekend off, two Individual and Team Semifinals will take place live between June 3 and 5. The Far East Throwdown will determine the two men, women, and teams that qualify for the CrossFit Games from the Asia region, while the Granite Games will invite 5 men, women, and teams from the North America to the ultimate testing grounds.

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