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CrossFit Barbell Chest Workouts to Strengthen Your Upper Body

Barbell Chest Workouts – WORKOUT 2

AMRAP with a partner in 20 minutes

5 rounds each:

  • Partner A: 20/15 calorie row
  • Partner B: 20 GHD sit-ups

Switch after both partners finish

In the remaining time, AMRAP of:

  • Partner A: Bench presses (155lb/105lb)
  • Partner B: Hang hold from a pull-up

Switch as needed

CrossFit Barbell Chest Workouts
Develop your chest

The bench press is an unparalleled exercise to increase strength and build chest muscle and it’s sometimes referred to as “the king of upper body lifts”. This specific movement improves the amount we can push/press.

The rests between partners should give you enough time to rest between sets.

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