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Hello, hello, you sexy beasts! I’ve been busy upping my game and getting little bits of paper so I can teach what I already teach. During my time away I’ve seen new techniques, I know better that ever that less is more (and not just because I’ve heard someone else say that) and grown as an athlete and a coach.

I can confidently say that I am one hundred times better than I was six months ago. Coming back to checking out what is going on in the gyms and boxes, with the PT’s and the martial artists alike, the one thing I have to say about the majority of them is “what do you actually teach?”


If you want to learn about lifting, learn from those who have a strong background in it

We’ve all jumped on the bandwagon of movement and mobility, no one is actually training anymore!?!? And worst of all no one is performing in their own specific fields! Yes it’s fantastic that information is so readily available but WHY is it that we find ourselves in an age that we can ask everyone anything, but we just ask anyone?

What do I mean by that? I’ll try and relate this as much as possible to myself through fear of being boycotted by the CrossFit community, but if I have a client that wants to talk about nutrition I’ll acknowledge their interest and certainly talk about it, BUT I will also send them over to talk to the nutritionist that I work with, and will have no shame in admitting that I’m not great with nutrition, and that this guy has been studying it for 10 years and absolutely lives for it… That’s not being a tool, that’s just common sense.


As a coach I feel we need to find our boundaries, because CrossFit is SO varied we have to have a general knowledge about a lot of stuff:

  • weightlifting
  • gymnastics
  • rowing
  • rehab
  • mobility
  • sports
  • injury prevention

But where are you getting your information from? I can tell you now, the CF-L1 does not and never will teach you how to “bulletproof your shoulders”.

You honestly don’t have to fly around the world and spend thousands upon thousands on certifications, people seem to get obsessed with whose shoulders you’ve rubbed up with, but the truth is, there are already good trainers out there.

Jason Khalipa has won the CrossFit Games, so he practices what he preaches, learn to rope climb with from an athlete and coach in the know!

We’re doing lots of work with a weightlifting club at the minute and you know how much it costs? £5 a session. There is a gymnastics centre not even twenty minute’s walk away from our box, you know how much it costs? £7 a session, you’re training with experts with years of experience and you can go as often as you like and it doesn’t cost a fortune, especially if you are a new box and struggling to make payments, you should never put your education on hold! Obviously I’m not saying send all your clients away to other places, but for your coaches and your RX athletes, I see it as crucial for their development.


Never get comfortable and always assume there’s someone better than you, be the best damn Crossfit coach there is but check out your area and learn from the best in each element you teach!

Don’t fall into the trap of doing what you see online, that’s called marketing, if it looks fancy it’s probably useless (yes attach yourself to a med ball with forty sticks on your head and three rubber bands around your ankles, that’ll definitely improve your snatch).

‘No one likes the truth that the fundamentals are fine and advanced means fundamentals done well.’

Keep learning, train hard, teach with passion and let’s make this world a stronger place!

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