10 Crossfit and Training Related Infographics

Have you ever tried to explain your non-sporty friends, what Crossfit is? Those following infographics on training might help.

Infographics, also called information graphics, are visual presentations of information around a certain topic. With a thought-through design, they can help with cognition: creating a clearer picture of subjects we are not so familiar with.

For us Crossfitters, infographics are the easiest way to explain our friends what do we mean, when we say “Just going to the box to do some wods with dubs and olys.”

1. 13 Steps to Muscle-Up Mastery



Achieving your first muscle-up marks a certain point on every’s Crossfitters journey: you just upped a level. The infographic explains a a step-by-step approach to muscle-ups.

More information can be found here.

2. Meet the Girls


imgur.com/ put togehter by East Dallas Crossfit

All the girls in one infographic, divided into three categories: body weight, mixed and get heavy with barbells.

You can find more infos here.

3. 30 reasons Women Should Strength Train



Every woman should lift weights. No further discussion here.

You can find more information here.

4. A Viewer’s Guide to the CrossFit Games



The graphic helps newbies watching their first CrossFit Games.

You can find more information here!

5. Push-Up Variations



For all you who love push-ups, this graphic shows a lot of different and interesting variations.

For more information click here.

Page: Olympic lifts, kettlebell and more.

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