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Does Late-Night Eating Disrupt Metabolism?

What do scientific studies have concluded so far?

There are many factors that can speed or slow the metabolism. Arguably, nutrition is what dictates how you perform in sports and how healthy you are. As metabolism can make or break a person’s fitness goals, it is imperative to understand what can change it. And today we look at late-night eating and its effect on the body.

There are a couple of reasons why a person would go through a diet. Primarily, most people think a diet is for losing weight. However, you can change your eating habits if you want to gain weight or build muscle and also for health benefits.

Although dieting can range from various extreme examples to the most simple ones, many people struggle with hunger levels before going to bed. Check out what scientific studies discovered about late-night eating and metabolism disruption.

Low fat breakfast optionsSource: Pablo Merchan Montes on Unsplash

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