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First CrossFit Games Team Workout has been Released

The first team workout for the 2019 CrossFit Games is here.


3 rounds:

  • 18♀ / 25♂ air bike calories
  • 30 toes-to-bars
  • Big Bob push

Each team will have four air bikes and four pull-up stations, with all athletes working simultaneously. 

Order: All at once
Time cap: 20 minutes

How to Watch the 2019 CrossFit Games


Events will be worth up to 100 points, and teams earn points based on their finish (see chart). At the end of the weekend, the team with the most points is the winner. Teams that tie receive the same number of points. If a team fails to complete an event within the time cap (for timed events), its  score will be capped, and it will receive a 1-second penalty for each rep not completed.

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