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Full List of The Last-Chance Qualifier CrossFit Athletes

33 men and 34 women will compete at the online Last-Chance Qualifier for a chance to go to the CrossFit Games.

July 2-4 marks the second and last chance 33 men and 34 women have to qualify for the 2021 CrossFit Games. Check out the list of all athletes competing at this weekend’s Last-Chance Qualifier.

Originally, three men and three women from each Semifinal tournament would get an invitation for the Last-Chance Qualifier. Due to travel restrictions, CrossFit changed its seeding process and some athletes ended up competing in a different Semifinal event than originally planned.

“Any event that has an athlete from another continent region competing will get four spots at the Last-Chance Qualifier instead of the original three,” CrossFit announced.

Source: Dan Ball
Spencer Panchik will compete at the Last-Chance Qualifier

To recap, here is the placement an athlete had to be in order to get an invitation to the Last-Chance Qualifier.

EventLast-Chance Qualifiers Position
Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge6th to 9th place6th to 8th place
Torian Pro4th to 7th place4th to 6th place
Granite Games6th to 8th place6th to 8th place
CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town2nd to 4th place2nd to 4th place
CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown6th to 9th place6th to 8th place
Brazil CrossFit Championship3rd to 5th place3rd to 5th place
CrossFit German Throwdown6th to 9th place6th to 9th place
West Coast Classic6th to 8th place6th to 8th place
CrossFit Atlas Games6th to 8th place6th to 9th place
CrossFit Asia Invitational3rd to 5th place3rd to 6th place

Bold fields represent changes

According to the rulebook, the top 2 men and 2 women will advance to the Games to compete for the title of Fittest on Earth.

List of Last-Chance Qualifier Athletes


NameSemifinals Competition
Dallin PepperWest Coast Classic
Spencer PanchikWest Coast Classic
Cédric LapointeWest Coast Classic
Tyler ChritophelAtlas Games
Cole GreashaberAtlas Games
Alexandre CaronAtlas Games
Phil ToonAtlas Games
Tyler EggimannMid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Angelo DiciccoMid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Hunter HolifieldMid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Nick MathewGranite Games
Taylor SelfGranite Games
Austin SpencerGranite Games
Fabian BeneitoGerman Throwdown
Alex KotoulasGerman Throwdown
Joshua Al-ChamaaGerman Throwdown
Haraldur HolgerssonGerman Throwdown
Joannis PapadopoulosLowlands Throwdown
Lukas GrouleffLowlands Throwdown
Jakub CieslikLowlands Throwdown
James NewburyTorian Pro
Luke FisoTorian Pro
Khan PorterTorian Pro
Roman KhrennikovAsia Invitational
Denis SamsonovAsia Invitational
Morteza SedaghatAsia Invitational
Timofey ProlubnikovAsia Invitational
Omar MartinezBrazil CrossFit Championship
Kaique CervenyBrazil CrossFit Championship
Anderon PrimoBrazil CrossFit Championship
Ruan DuvenageFittest in Cape Town
AJ VisserFittest in Cape Town
Mohamed ElomdaFittest in Cape Town


NameSemifinals Competition
Alexis RaptisWest Coast Classic
Kloie WilsonWest Coast Classic
Kelly StoneWest Coast Classic
Anikha GreerAtlas Games
Alexis JohnsonAtlas Games
Paige SemenzaAtlas Games
Christine KolenbranderMid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Feeroozeh SaghafiMid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Nicole Gibson-BurkeMid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Danielle DunlapMid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge
Nicole MghenyiGranite Games
Kristi Eramo O’ConnellGranite Games
Stephanie ChungGranite Games
Evie HollisGerman Throwdown
Matilde GarnesGerman Throwdown
Oihana MoyaGerman Throwdown
Emma TallGerman Throwdown
Karin FreyováLowlands Throwdown
Elena Carratala SanahujaLowlands Throwdown
Manon AngoneseLowlands Throwdown
Lucy CampbellLowlands Throwdown
Alethea BoonTorian Pro
Madeline SturtTorian Pro
Justine BeathTorian Pro
Bailey RogersTorian Pro
Svetlana VeselovaAsia Invitational
Yuko SakuyamaAsia Invitational
Aizhan ZharasovaAsia Invitational
Victoria CamposBrazil CrossFit Championship
Julia KatoBrazil CrossFit Championship
Valentina RangelBrazil CrossFit Championship
Dina SwiftFittest in Cape Town
Michelle MerandFittest in Cape Town
Gilmari ReynekeFittest in Cape Town

Athletes will go through four workouts over the weekend, ranging from a 3-rep-max deadlift to 100 burpees to a target for time.

Check out the full workout descriptions and movement standards here. Will you try them at home?

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