Fun EMOM Gymnastics CrossFit Workouts to Improve Your Skills

EMOM workouts target the foundational principle of strength training: progressive overload, to gradually increase stress throughout the workout and continue to work as fatigue increases. It’s a time-based structure, where everything else can be adjusted to achieve a specific stimulus.

A staple part of CrossFit training, EMOM means Every Minute On the Minute. When programmed correctly, an EMOM workout will have the right balance between exertion and rest. Athletes can modify reps or motion depending on what works for them.

Combining the EMOM training methodology with CrossFit gymnastics can be a very effective way to develop strength and improve your cardio. An EMOM workout falls under the high-intensity training category which, according to a study by PLos One, produces slightly greater improvements in VO2 max than continuous training does.

emom gymnastics workoutsSource: BOXROX

After metabolic conditioning, gymnastics are a basic and important element of CrossFit. Performed well, CrossFit gymnastics movements will influence every aspect of your life and have an overwhelmingly positive effect on your fitness.

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Try these fun EMOM Gymnastics CrossFit Workouts to develop strength, improve your cardio and increase agility, balance and coordination.


emom gymanstics crossfit workoutsSource: BOXROX

Keep things varied with this workout. You’ll have to set a pace where you’re not going too fast to exert yourself or too slow not to have breaks every minute.

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