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7 Important Gymnastic Exercises ALL Crossfitters Need to Master!

From ring muscle ups to handstand walks, gymnastic exercises are often tricky to master! Here are 7 common examples within Crossfit, and how to get much, much better at them!


This year (thanks to bar muscle ups) athletes were able to avoid facing the ring muscle up…What about next year, though? What about your next local competition? If you want to leave the scaled division behind and start hitting muscle ups- listen up!

Ring muscle ups require specific training, dedication, and persistence.

They are a fantastic display of strength, coordination, and skill. However, if one of those three requirements is missing, you might end up on the next edition of ‘Crossfit Fails’. Use these articles to help perfect your technique, movement and strength.

Slow down to muscle up: 5 Progressions for perfect movement

Getting your first ring muscle up is easier than you think

How to scale a ring muscle up

5 Ways to perfect your muscle up technique

Ates Boran Turkish Crossfit athlete ring muscle up

Ates destroying Ring Muscle Ups

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