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7 Important Gymnastic Exercises ALL Crossfitters Need to Master!


The pull up is one of the most basic, functional and universal exercises around. As a Crossfitter, you need to master strict pull ups first, then move onto chest-to-bar, butterfly and kipping variations.

To be good at doing pull-ups, you need to do pull-ups! Lifting weights and lifting your body upwards are two different tasks. The latter requires a much more complex interaction and motor pattern. Even if you have strong pulling muscles, it doesn’t mean you’ll be good at pull-ups.

Pulling your body up is a motor skill. And to develop a motor skill you must practice it often. Frequency trumps volume and intensity when it comes to motor learning. When you want to improve your pull-up performance you should do pull-ups as often as possible. As gymnastic exercises go, this one is a classic!

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