6 Pull Up Bar Complexes to Explode your Strength and Skill

First pull-ups feel magical, but eventually (especially as we progress on to the more demanding movements), regular "pulling up to the bar" can get stale. Try these bar complexes to test yourself and challenge your skills.

Complexes help you get more comfortable with hanging and swinging movements, strengthen the pulling strength and most importantly, challenge you a bit more. We made a list of six different routines we found around the web.

1. Beginners’ starting point

If you’re a beginner skip complexes for a while and work on your basic strength to work up to the first strict pull-up. Great advice on how to improve and adjust those movements for your level of training can be found on Sean Lind’s Instagram channel.

How to scale strict pull-ups and chin-ups without an elastic band or if you do not have a spotter. I call these “box pull-ups”. By placing your feet on the box it takes away partial bodyweight from the athlete., points of performance: it is very important upper body must move vertical direction, to simulate a pullup. NOT a horizontal pull. The hips must remain flexed the entire time. Lower down with control. For pronated grip, place hands slight wider than shoulders. For supinated grip hands must be in line with shoulders. To follow the gymnastics training program go to www.wodfollow.com/tenants/51 #Crossfit #crushgymnastics #conjugategymnastics #conjugatestrong #pullups #letsdosomepullups #progenex

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2. Try mixing pull-ups with toes-to-bar

Next step after conquering a pull-up could be adding toes-to-bar or knees-to-elbow into your bar routine. Get inspiration from the following video from CrossFit DFW, combining chest-to-bar with t2b.

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