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CrossFit Reveals Its New Healthcare Service Titled CrossFit Precision Care

CrossFit Precision Care aims to bring CrossFit-trained doctors that understand the sport together with CrossFit athletes and their unique lifestyle.

CrossFit has announced the launch of CrossFit Precision Care, a new healthcare service that aims to bring together CrossFit athletes and doctors who understand the sport. The objective is to provide users with individualised healthcare.

According to a survey, CrossFit athletes said their top priority in selecting a healthcare provider is finding someone who understands their unique body and health needs. Ultimately, that is the goal of CrossFit Precision Care with the help of a comprehensive data-driven analysis that includes:

  • Genomic testing – to determine a person’s genetic advantages, disadvantages, and predispositions, so the results can be used to optimize their health.
  • Blood testing – to evaluate lipids, thyroid function, cardiovascular risks, hormone status, minerals, vitamins, and any other factors affecting health and performance.
  • Longevity analysis – to gauge a person’s biologic age through a DNA methylation test kit that is combined with genomic and blood test results.
  • Lifestyle review – it encompasses exercise routines, eating habits, family and social life, sleep patterns, hobbies, recreational activities, and goals

CrossFit Precision Care was developed in partnership with Wild Health, a provider of healthcare services via telemedicine, and Dr. Julie Foucher, MD, a former CrossFit Games athlete who specialises in family medicine.

CrossFit Precision Care Dashboard

“People shouldn’t be treated like they’re statistics in a ‘one size fits all’ model,” said Dr. Matt Dawson, MD, CEO of Wild Health, and co-founder of CrossFit Precision Care. “We’re all unique, with different genes, lifestyles, and dreams. We should be treated as such, and CrossFit Precision Care’s genomics-based approach does just that to truly maximize human potential.”

According to a press release, the CrossFit Precision Care will have CrossFit-trained doctors, individualised care, data-driven recommendations, proactive lifestyle changes (to keep people healthier before there is a problem, not focusing on pills and procedures after something happens), and continual health optimisation through measurable improvement that can be tracked on an interactive dashboard for patients.

Interested individuals can sign up for its waitlist at care.crossfit.com. CrossFit Precision Care will be available to more than 50% of U.S. residents at launch before expanding to the rest of the country in 2022. 

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