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Is it Steroids? PEDS? How CrossFit Builds Freak Physiques According to Marcus Filly

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In this insightful video, multiple CrossFit Games athlete Marcus Filly discusses how CrossFit athletes build their physiques.

“You know you’ve made it in training when people publicly accuse you of PEDs or steroid use – but then again, with the head-turning physiques of the CrossFit world, it’s easy to see why accusations fly.

Marcus Filly alternative crossfit abs exercisesSource: Marcus Filly

So, let’s break down exactly what is attainable naturally, whether you choose the path of a pro athlete or something more sustainable for the long term.”

Marcus Filly is arguably best known first for being a perennial CrossFit Games athlete, and second for his Functional Bodybuilding brand.

Video – How CrossFit Builds Freak Physiques

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 LMNT Ad
  • 01:06 Intro
  • 06:56 5 Reasons CrossFit builds crazy bodies when you compete at the highest level
  • 13:52 Reasons why CrossFit Sport like this may not be the path for you
  • 18:58 Functional Bodybuilding for sustainable long term physique and performance
  • 21:20 Thank You

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