How To Make More Gains In Less Time

How to work out with a minimalist mentality.

Everyone would like to know a way to be stronger, more athletic and fitter faster. However, there should be a minimum amount of time you have to be in the gym to make progress, right? Discover how to make more gains in less time by scrolling down this page.

Is there a minimum amount of time you must spend in the gym and still make gains? What is that magical number? That is what Jeff Nippard set out to explain.

Jeff Nippard is a natural professional bodybuilder who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel.

In one of his latest videos, he shared his thoughts on how to make more gains in less time. Check it out.

How To Make More Gains In Less Time

In order to understand how to make more gains in less time, Nippard talks about a minimalist approach to training, which is suited for most people. That is because most people have many other priorities in their lives such as work, school, travel, family, and so on.

For that, Nippard talks about what the scientific literature exemplifies on the minimum required to make gains depending on your end goals. He divided the possible goals into three categories:

  • Strength
  • Health
  • Muscle mass


“Just one heavy set done 1 to 3 times per week will be enough to induce significant strength gains for most people,” Nippard says that citing a meta-analysis from 2017.

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For strength, the most important factor for making gains is exposure to heavy loads. So you can get away with little lifting, as long as when you do lift it is reasonably heavy in the 1-5 rep zone.


A 2022 systematic review with data from 16 studies on mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, found that 30-60 minutes of lifting per week was enough for maximum risk reduction.

Simple as that.

Muscle Mass

This is when it gets complicated because there is a clearer relationship between training volume and muscle hypertrophy. Doing just one set of exercise for one muscle group per week is not enough, but doing 30 sets for the same muscle group per week will be detrimental.

Most people in the fitness industry agree that around 10 sets per body part per week is a good target for most people. In order to recover from the workout, a piece of good advice is to split those 10 sets into two different days, at least 48 hours apart.

But you are here to discover how to make more gains in less time. What if you did 9 sets per week, instead of 10? What about 5 sets, or just 1? Would you make gains at all?

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According to Nippard and studies he mentions, the bare minimum you need to lift for muscle hypertrophy could be between 1-4 sets per week. This would get you 64% of your maximum gain if you did the “golden number” 10 sets per week. If you do 5-9 sets per week, this would get you to 84% of maximum gains.

That doesn’t mean that anyone who would do just 1 set of an exercise per week per muscle group will get 64% of gains – some could get more, some less. If you are inexperienced, you are likely getting more bang for your buck, and if you are an avid lifter, chances are you will get less.

Hopefully, that explains how to make more gains in less time. Nippard also explains to people the bare minimum required to maintain muscle, not only to gain. Click on the video below to see more.

VIDEO – How To Make More Gains In Less Time

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