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How to Recover After a Deadlift Workout – 4 Movements Needed

Improve how well you recover now!

Discover how to recover after a deadlift workout with 4 simple movements you can do.

The deadlift is one of the best compound well-rounded exercises for the lower back. However, if you push hard enough, you might need to take more than a full day off to recover from it, but is that always necessary? According to Zach Long, not really.

Zach Long, an internationally famous physiotherapist and strength coach, is known as the Barbell Physio. His focus is on helping barbell athletes improve their sports performance, recover rapidly from injuries and optimise their movement.

In a video posted on Bodybuilding.com YouTube channel, he talked about how to recover after a deadlift workout with 4 simple movements.

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How to Recover After a Deadlift Workout

Long narrows down 4 exercises to understand how to recover after a deadlift workout, especially if your lower back is very sore.

  1. Cat / Cow
  2. Side-Lying Rotations
  3. Jefferson Curls
  4. Exercise Bike Intervals

The cat-cow is a staple for anyone who wants to stretch their entire spine. Long, however, says the best way to improve soreness in the lower back with this exercise is to begin the movement from the hips and follow up the spine. It’s all on the pelvic tilting.

How to Recover After a Deadlift WorkoutSource: Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels
Cat / cow pose

The side-lying rotations gently mobilise the lower back and move a bit of blood into that area, which is great to improve recovery in the area.

By now, you should be feeling a bit less stiff, but still sore. With Jefferson curls, you will slowly leave the weight into full spine flexion and then reverse it. Each rep should take about 5-10 seconds up and the same amount of time going back up.

Lastly, any sort of cardio machine that has a leg and arm component will help you recover after a deadlift workout. It can be an assault bike or an air or echo bike. This will result in a lot of blood being pumped into your lower back as you move consistently making it move smoother.

Now you know how to recover after a deadlift workout if you feel any lower back soreness or stiffness. For more info on that, click on the video below.

VIDEO – How to Recover After a Deadlift Workout

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