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How to Reduce Hunger While Dieting

Stop torturing yourself.

Find out how to reduce hunger while dieting with these tips and information from Dr Mike Israetel.

Dr Mike Israetel, PhD in Sport Physiology and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization. He made a video explaining how to reduce hunger while dieting.

Below are his main arguments. Check it out.

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How to Reduce Hunger While Dieting

So, how to reduce hunger while dieting? Let’s get right to the main points. According to Israetel, there are 8 hunger-reduction strategies you should think about:

1. Low-calorie density

Some foods are packed with calories and you should stay away from them. A burger can have thousands of calories and, once you finished it, you might still feel a bit hungry. It is much harder to overeat low-calorie dense foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

2. Higher protein

The more protein you eat, the more you are satiated, generally speaking. Plus, protein is the backbone of building muscle.

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3. Not eating when not hungry

Sounds obvious, but most people don’t follow this rule. If you are not hungry during the morning and feel like eating more in the evening, don’t force feed yourself during breakfast because someone told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

“If you are stuffing yourself at any part of the day and then ravenous at another part, it’s like you have too much here and not enough there. All you got to do is move it in and then everything is levelled,” Israetel explains.

4. Higher fibre

Fibre tends to absorb water, it tends to expand the stomach and the small intestines giving you the signal of feeling full. Not only that, but fibre has few calories, which is great for maintaining that calorie deficit target.

5. No liquid calories

This is one of the easiest people that are overweight to lose fat. “No more fruit juices, no more milkshakes and no more sodas, switch to diet sodas.”

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It is easy to consume many calories without feeling full through liquids, so pay attention to that.

6. Fluid preload, slow eating

Drink a bit more fluid before eating a meal. This will make your stomach fuller before the meal comes. Also eating slower helps you reduce hunger while dieting.

7. High caffeine

Introducing caffeine can squash your hunger level. “As long as your sleep isn’t affected, caffeine does work.”

8. Reduce high-palatability foods

Food that tastes really amazing should be reduced or eliminated, if possible, regarding it isn’t a healthy food. We are looking at junk food cooked in high-temperature oil ingredients.

It can be a powerful tool to have bland and boring food so that you won’t be looking forward to your next meal even if you are hungry.

When to Use These Strategies?

This depends on where on the diet you are: beginning, middle, or end tail of the dieting period.

If you are just starting the diet, don’t use a lot of the strategies mentioned and enjoy the easy fat loss moment that diets give in the first few weeks.

If your hunger is starting to ramp up, in the middle of the dieting, use a few of the strategies and use them more as you need them.

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Towards the end of the diet, when you are most hungry, continue to use these strategies on how to reduce hunger while dieting, but use them less and less as you progress to eating to maintenance level and feel less hungry.

At the end of the video that you can see below, Dr Mike Israetel goes through sample meals of what you can eat to not only learn the theory of how to reduce hunger while dieting, but also to know what it looks like in practice.

VIDEO – How to Reduce Hunger While Dieting

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