How to Train Chest with Resistance Bands (Workout Included)

Resistance bands are incredibly versatile – learn how to make the most of yours to train your pecs.

Learn how to train chest with resistance bands.

Resistance bands are such a versatile fitness tool and they are effective. You can get a really good workout in without machines or free weights simply by adding a resistance band to your exercises.

Below, James Grage from goes over a great chest workout that can be done anywhere, the only piece of equipment you’ll need is resistance bands and an anchor.

How to train chest with resistance bands

By adding a resistance band to your usual training exercises you will, as the name suggests, add resistance to what you’re doing, i.e., making the exercises harder.

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Training chest with resistance bands will involve a variety of exercises. The following chest exercises with resistance bands will allow you to add resistance on every plane.

Chest exercises with resistance bands

  • Banded incline press
  • Banded single arm fly
  • Banded push-ups
  • Banded low fly

You can go up in resistance and make exercises harder by either changing bands, using a combination of bands, or by stepping further away from your anchor.

How to train chest with resistance bands

Watch the exercises being performed:

Resistance band chest workout

Incline press20 repsUse a heavy band
 10 repsIncrease resistance
Single arm fly15 repsUse a light band
Banded push-upsTo failureUse an heavy or extra heavy band
Banded low fly20 repsUse a lighter band

“Anyone who thinks resistance bands can’t create enough resistance or enough mechanical tension to build muscle just hasn’t tried it yet, they just don’t know,” concludes James Grage.

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