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It’s Vellner vs Thorisdottir for the 20.5 CrossFit Open Workout Announcement

The 20.5 CrossFit Open workout will be the last in a series of five weeks of competitiveness, PRs and ‘firsts’.

For the last announcement of the 2020 Open, previous CrossFit Games podium finishers Annie Thorisdottir and Patrick Vellner will go head to head at the Reebok HQ in Boston.


The live announcement of 20.5 is scheduled for November 7 at 5pm (Pacific Time) and will be presented by Reebok and the opening Sanctional of the 2019-2020 season, CrossFit Filthy 150.

Annie Thorisdottir is a five-times podium finisher at the CrossFit Games and has been crowned Fittest Woman on Earth twice. Annie finished last year’s Open ranked 2nd worldwide.

Patrick Vellner is a three-times CrossFit Games podium finisher, including the title Second Fittest Man on Earth in 2018.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.5 News from Tia-Clair Toomey

Annie Thorisdottir announced she will be filming each of her Open workouts every Friday and uploading her attempts to her YouTube channel . She will also include her initial thoughts on strategy and warmup.

Note: this is a big statement from a top CrossFit athlete. Having public videos for everyone to review means cheating or submitting wrong scores becomes impossible. Only a few months ago, 12 Sanctionals announced they’ll require athletes to film their online qualifier workouts hoping to legitimise the online scoring system.


The CrossFit Open is a five-week global competition, with workouts announced every Thursday evening. Now on its tenth edition, people from all over the world and from all abilities will be pushing themselves to get PRs, firsts or just take the opportunity to prove themselves as athletes.

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