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This Again – Dave Castro’s Clues are Back!

Dave Castro has gone back to publishing pictures with obscure hints for the CrossFit Open. This little tradition was broken earlier this year during the 2019 Open, but it seems like the clues are back for 2020, with Castro sharing a photo with the caption “Twenty point One” two days before the first workout announcement.


Maybe the two ponies refer to a double Open in one year, maybe they mean a couplet, maybe 20.1 will have something to do with whatever characterises horses the most. Or maybe Meredith Root was right and, as “that one pony is taking a pee. So obvi double unders and heavy squat cleans.”

UPDATE: CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 Has Been Released

Other guesses vary from two similar workouts or a repeat from a past Open workout to a new gymnastics move or a workout including an “ass bike”.

Whatever it might be, over 2,500 people have commented on Castro’s post following his first clue for the 2020 Open.

Games athletes and Sanctionals have joined the guessing Game:

  • Jacob Heppner: “Telling you….it’s a “repeat” of 7:00 of burpees, but since donkeys have been known to have great verticals it’s BBJO”
  • Kristi Eramo: “Deadlift and burpee pull ups.”
  • Mayan Classic: “Do we have to pin the tail on the donkey?”
  • Madrid CrossFit Championship: “We prefer riding bulls. ?”

But the best analysis of the picture might have come from Chandler Smith:

“Dave! We meet again! So glad to be providing my services to you and the CrossFit world writ large in regards to deciphering your clues. The honor is truly mine. Now let’s get down to business and make up some puns, shall we? So the picture above has two donkeys. Donkey in Spanish? Burro. Easy to take the first half of that and guess burpees. The conspicuous absence of boxes next to the donkeys and their presence in an open area with a fence ostensibly composed of bars tells me they will be bar facing. But what about the “ro”? Everyone knows that ro is the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet and from this we can clearly expect to go 17 minutes! Add this to the bar theme and I believe we’ll see chest to bar. Two donkeys equals a couplet. 17 min of bar facing burpees and chest to bar. Too easy.”

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 News Update

Happy to see Dave’s clues back or not, one CrossFit athlete highlighted the real sense behind these posts perfectly: “So happy to see this post. It brings the community together…”

The 2020 CrossFit Open starts on Thursday October 10, with the first workout set to be announced at 5pm Pacific Time. The Rogue Invitational will stream the announcement of the Open Workout 20.1 live, with Rich Froning and Scott Panchik set to square off.

The French Throwdown and the Brazilian CrossFit Championship will also stream the live announcement in French and Portuguese respectively, with their own set of talented athletes.

CrossFit Open Workout 20.2 Live From Australia

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