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Kettlebell Shoulder Workouts To Explode Your Conditioning

Enhance your performance and fitness!

These kettlebell shoulder workouts and exercises will help you to build strength and discover imbalances in your mobility and movement.

Kettlebells are excellent tools to improve stability and balance. The workouts will allow you to perform the exercises under fatigued conditions.

Shoulder Workouts – Kettlebell Thruster

The kettlebell thruster takes the push press and makes it even more dynamic by exaggerating the push part of the movement.

It is a full body exercise that not only works the shoulders but heavily challenges the legs, buttocks, hamstrings, abs, back stabilisers and cardio.

The demands on the shoulders are similar to the push press in that the sticking point from the racked position is avoided due to the momentum coming out of the bottom of the squat position.

You will also find the shoulders fatigue just holding and maintaining the kettlebell throughout the exercise. Try the following WODs to find out where you are strong, and where you are weak. Pay particular attention to any sticking points that might occur as you work through the full range of motion.

Kettlebell Fran

This variation of the Fran WOD is straight forward enough. Instead of doing thrusters with a barbell, grab two kettlebells. The prescribed weight is different from box to box, but for our purposes, we’re listing it with weights as close to the original Fran as possible.


  • Kettlebell Thrusters (2 x 53/2 x 35 pounds)
  • Pull Ups

KETTLEBELL SHOULDER WORKOUTS – Event 1 from 2014 CrossFit Games

For time:

  • 250-yard swim
  • 50 kettlebell thrusters, 35 lb.
  • 30 burpees
  • 500-yard swim
  • 30 burpees
  • 50 kettlebell thrusters, 35 lb.
  • 250-yard swim

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