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Ben Smith: 5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from the fittest Man in the World


“The cleaner your movement mechanics, the less effort you have to use each rep” Kelly Starrett

If you are always working to improve your technique, then you will become a more efficient athlete. Great form is essential for preventing injury, but it will also allow you to save energy during your WODs.

The competitors that make it to the CrossFit Games are all incredibly fit, so what separates them out once they reach this top level? There are of course the usual factors of training, nutrition, mental toughness etc, but all these athletes are working with the best coaches and nutritionists in the game, so they are all training intelligently, eating well and mentally tough. At this level the efficiency of their movement can be one of the factors that determines the difference between first and second place.

Whatever your level, taking time to keep working on technique and always trying to improve will pay off in the long run. Even for the most simple exercises such as Box Jumps or Burpees, think of the most efficient way to perform them, how can you make your movement patterns better.

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