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Ben Smith: 5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from the fittest Man in the World


Ben Smith doesn’t showboat, he isn’t arrogant about his victory last year and he’s quiet, calm and collected. He visualises the work ahead, puts his head down and gets the job done. His methods work.

He never blames any other factors for why he lost an event or why a particular movement was not performed as well as it should have been. When you watch him compete, you see that he has a firm grasp on what he can – and cannot – control. As an athlete he moves through workouts at his set pace with confidence in his own abilities. He is aware of the competition, but focused on his own gameplan.

Try the same approach:

  • Think carefully about your next WOD and how you will tackle it.
  • Leave your ego at the door and focus on what you are doing, not those around you.
  • Plan the times you want to hit for each round and memorise them or write them on your hand.
  • Try your best to stick to your plan.

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