Train Like Mat Fraser – a Day of Workout from His HWPO Program

The training program from Mat Fraser has a warm-up, weightlifting, cardio, Metcon and accessory work.

Mat Fraser is slowly beginning to unveil parts of his HWPO program. This month, he showed “phase 2 from month 4” of the program as he did the workouts prescribed in his new home gym.

“It’s super heavy on posterior chain stuff,” Mat Fraser explains before hitting the gym.

In the end, Mat Fraser finished a warm-up, two workouts of weightlifting, cardio, Metcon and two accessory work in one hour and 43 minutes. “Couple of phone calls, a couple of e-mails mixed in there,” he says, meaning you can finish this workout from his HWPO program in less time.

Watch Mat Fraser and His Phase 2 HWPO Program Training


3 rounds of:

  • 1 minute spin bike
  • 10/10 windmill
  • 20/20 lunges
  • 20 v-ups

“It’s a movement that’s primarily a muscle group that we’re going to be recruiting later on at high intensity. One movement for the shoulders, one for the glute and hamstrings and one for the core.”


  • 3×6 (67% of 1-rep-max)
  • 6 straight leg box jumps after each set

Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat

7 sets:

  • 1×1 + 1 (62%)
  • 1×1 + 1 (70%)
  • 1×1 + 1 (77%)
  • 1×1 + 1 (83.5%)
  • 1×1 + 1 (89%)
  • 1×1 + 1 (70%)

One snatch balance plus one overhead squat of his

Mat Fraser HWPO program trainingSource: Nike

Fan Bike

4 rounds:

  • 4 minute work
  • 1 minute rest

This workout has a different focus. It is not based on calories, but rather an average wattage. The workout is an indicator of overall fitness and Fraser would do this throughout the CrossFit season to see how fit he is.

Take the average wattage across all rounds of fan bike and divide by the athlete’s body weight in kilograms. Fraser says that the number you come up with is usually between 3 and 7. Here is what the numbers mean:

  • Below 4 — out of shape
  • 4-6 – CrossFit Regionals and Games fitness level
  • 7 – “Tour de France” level

Unfortunately, he did not disclose his number after doing the Fan Bike workout.

Metcon – HWPO Program

2-2-2-3 minutes of:

  • 6 sandbag cleans
  • 15/12 calorie bike
  • Max toe-to-bar for the remaining time
  • 1 minute rest between rounds

Accessory work:

  • Prone hamstring curls – 3×20
  • Sandbag bear hug walk – 100lb – total of five minutes

To finish the workout, Fraser does accessory work with prone hamstring curls with a resistance band and sandbag bear hug walk for a cumulative time of five minutes.

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