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Mayhem Madness Postponed Amidst Global Travel Bans

Mayhem Madness, a team competition hosted by the defending Fittest Team on Earth, Mayhem Freedom, has been postponed.

The decision was made amidst global travel bans which would prevent qualified teams from travelling to the US to compete for the original scheduled date.

“Travel bans have eliminated our ability to host the top International Teams who legitimately qualified for the competition,” posted Mayhem Madness on Instagram.


The new target dates for Mayhem Madness will be August 23 to 30. A final decision will be announced on August 3.

“This postponement comes as a great disappointment to us, and we appreciate your understanding,” posted Team Mayhem.

“We have been and will continue to pursue the creation and implementation of a world class event for the Teams.”

The competition was originally scheduled to take place  in Cookeville, TN (and the surrounding areas), between August 2 and 9.

It was created as a way to give Elite teams a platform to compete this year after CrossFit announced it would cut the CrossFit Games field down to only include 60 individual athletes. It aims to provide a proving ground for all the teams qualified to the 2020 CrossFit Games which will no longer be able to compete, and showcase the hard work these teams invested into training.


The Online qualifier wrapped up last week and invites were sent to all qualified teams.

Learn more about Mayhem Madness here.

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