3 Most Commonly Neglected Movement Muscles and How To Exercise Them

Train these and it will transfer to better lifts in the gym.

Pecs, abs, quads, biceps, delts. Most people train those muscles when taking part in common training programs. But some important ones get left behind. Check out the 3 most commonly neglected movement muscles, and find out how to properly train them.

It is true that the more you train a specific muscle, the stronger and bigger it can get. But sometimes you can achieve greater overall muscle growth by doing a few sets of exercises that target otherwise neglected muscles.

That is what writer Cameron Gill from Stronger By Science argues. He is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who occasionally writes for Stronger by Science, a website that aims to make exercise and nutrition research understandable and actionable for everyone.

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Most Commonly Neglected Movement Muscles Source: Bastien Plu / Unsplash

Gill listed the most commonly neglected movement muscles and exemplify exercises to address weak links. Check it out.

Most Commonly Neglected Movement Muscles

1. Scapular Protraction

The serratus anterior and pectoralis minor produce scapular protraction, or the forward movement of the shoulder blade. You can hit these muscles and subsequently train your scapular protraction movement by doing push-ups plus, bodyweight scapular protraction, or cable scapular protraction press for example.

2. Hip Flexion

This is the forward movement of the thigh, performed by the iliacus, psoas major, rectus femoris, tensor fasciae latae, and satorius. Collectively, this constitute a volume of muscle approximately 12% greater than the gluteus maximus.

A few abdominal-focused exercises such as hanging leg raises and reverse crunches involve both hip flexion and rectus abominis at the same time.

Hanging Leg Raises

Reverse Crunches

You may also utilise a multi-hip machine as it can apply resistance in an extended hip position that facilitates incremental progression.

3. Hip Abduction

The hip abduction is the movement of the thigh out away from the midline of the body. This neglected movement muscle is primarily produced by the gluteus medius, gluteus minimums and tensor fascia latae.

When choosing exercises to strengthen the arguably most commonly neglected movement muscles, a side-lying or standing position is preferable to a seated hip abduction exercise. You may also use a multi-hip machine to train your hip abduction.

Side Lying Ankle Weight Hip Abduction

Variation with Resistance Band

Side Plank Progressions

How To Incorporate These Exercises Into Your Training Routine

If you are not familiar with these exercises or it is your first time focusing your training on these most commonly neglected movement muscles, you should add them slowly to your training routine.

Begin by adding a low volume and 2 sets for each movement. If you are a complete beginner, start with only one set 2-3 times per week.

If you want to see more exercise examples on how to tackle the most commonly neglected movement muscles, check out the full article written by Cameron Gill on Stronger by Science here.

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