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Nicolai Duus Wins CrossFit Open Workout 18.1

The Danish Crossfitter beat other names in the top 10 such as Mat Fraser, BK Gudmundsson and Patrick Vellner to take the top spot.

Nicolai Duus took the win for CrossFit Open Workout 18.1 with 487 reps (15 rounds plus 7 toes-to-bars).

The 28-year-old from Denmark is competing in his second Open competition. Hinrik Ingi Oskarsson is second after logging 480 reps at Reebok CrossFit Valens in Luxembourg. Andrey Ganin, who finished 14th at the Meridian Regional in 2017, sits in third with a score of 477 reps. 



Check out how the leaderboard looked at the close of CrossFit Open Workout 18.1.

Male Leaderboard CrossFit Open Workout 18.1

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