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If You Used The Wrong Rower Then You Will Receive a Reduction to Your CrossFit Open Workout 18.1 Score

Get all the latest information about the Open and find out if this update will affect your scores for the first workout.

The following statement is from CrossFit Inc

“After reviewing videos from Open Workout 18.1, CrossFit has concluded that Xebex-branded rowers are not allowed in competition. The Xebex configuration is significantly easier than the competition standard and violates the “uncommon movement clause” from the CrossFit Games Rulebook.

Athletes and gyms who used Xebex-branded rowers in competition must report their 18.1 scores to by the close of 18.2, March 6 at 5 p.m. PT, to remain in the competition. Athletes and gyms who report their scores will receive a major penalty in the form of a 15-percent deduction. Those who used Xebex rowers must report their scores to remain active in the competition.”

Xebex Rowers are in violation of the Competition Clause. #18point1

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