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Nike MetCon 1 Review: Stable, Strong and Built to Last

Nike MetCon 1 is supposed to be a shoe specifically made for high-intensity training like Crossfit.

The shoes were debuted by Lauren Fisher, Josh Bridges and Mat Fraser. Additionally Sara Sigmundsdottir, the fourth athletes Nike signed for their cross-training line, made it onto the podium of the 2015 Games.

nike-metcon-1-2Source: Nike
The Nike Metcon 1

The Nike MetCon 1 is designed to fit the demands of the functional fitness training. Jumping, running, weightlifting and rope climbing is not a problem with this shoe. That said, Nike labelled MetCon 1 model as stable, strong and build to last.

The shoe weights 340 grams, more than any other functional fitness trainers on the market. However, it offers a solid stability for any squat-like movements in return. MetCon 1 has a stable heel as mentioned before, the shoe fits perfectly for any high-volume Crossfit workout, while its forefoot offers enough flexibility to ensure burpees, running and box jumps feel comfortable.

Nike Metcon ColoursSource: Nike
Nike MetCon 1 comes in many colour variants.

With abrasion-resistant mesh and durable outsole, the Nike Metcon 1 is supposed to withstand any friction the rope climbs or any other objects used in workouts, can cause. The Flywire cable technology, a system of filaments that functions like cables on a suspension bridge, on the upper part of the shoe contributes to better support (of the foot) precisely where it’s needed.

Although some reviews suggest, Nike MetCon 1 might not be as resistant as advertised. Some users report about having issues with shoe’s outsole peeling off after a few workouts with burpees and box jumps. However this was taken care of by Nike when releasing the new version of the Nike Metcon 2 last year.

Like Nike Romaelos, MetCon 1 shoe fits better to wider-feet athletes.

And as all Nike trainers, MetCons look visually incredibly appealing. The Nike’s recognizable volt tone is back, coupled with black/grey. There are numerous other variants, with Lauren Fisher signature model being one of the the most popular editions.

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