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How the Oral Contraceptive Pill Affects Performance

A great number of athletes take the oral contraceptive pill for health or preventive reasons, but what are its effects on performance? This new meta-analysis takes a look.

The use of oral contraceptives and their effects on performance are an important and under-researched topic, so learning about this new meta-analysis on the subject we were really interested to dig into the findings.

According to research by the Guardian, the contraceptive pill was by far the most popular prescribed contraceptive in England in 2019, with nine in 10 women being prescribed this form of contraception.

In the US, around 14% of women aged between 15 and 49 are currently using the pill according to the CDC. Further, over half of female Elite athletes in Denmark use hormonal contraceptives.

Yet despite its popularity, the effects of the oral contraceptive pill on exercise performance are still poorly understood.

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