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Pat Vellner’s Top Moments From The 2018 CrossFit Games

All text from Pat Vellner. “In the wake of the Games I’ve been thinking a lot about the competition and I wanted to share my top 5 moments from the 2018 Crossfit Games, one per day.”

Event 1: Crit Race Crash

First of all I want to clear something up. I’ve seen lots of talk about the unlucky nature of my mechanical failure in the bike race, but let’s be clear, my chain did not magically break, i got in a crash. Coming around the last corner of lap one i got clipped by a rider and it sent me off balance. In an attempt to stay upright i had to swerve and went straight into an unfortunate and unsuspecting Brandon Luckett.

It was maybe an unlucky position to get put in, but one that a more experienced rider likely would not have found themselves in.

Now crashing was not exactly the best moment for me, but what happened after was very cool. While I ran to swap out my bike @bluckett123 dusted himself off and started riding again and we rounded out the first lap together. Brandon looked over to me and said “let’s go catch em” and took the lead. We rode cooperatively for 9 laps and ended up catching 4 or 5 riders. Having Brandon to team up and ride with kept me mentally engaged in the event when I easily could have just mailed it in and fallen off. It still didn’t make for a great finish, but Brandon pulled me along with him and the camaraderie kept me focused on the competition. It was he and I against everyone else. 

It was obviously a bad mistake to start the competition, but I got to share a cool moment with another competitor that i won’t forget. It sucked to be in a crash and start the week off in a hole, but I had been there before. We knew there was potential for that. It would be a long climb out.

I thought the Crit race was a great event and I got an awesome memory from it. Brandon Luckett is the man. 


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