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Watch Sara Sigmundsdottir’s 112kg Lift at The Dubai CrossFit Championship

Event 4 of The Dubai CrossFit Championship was a 1 rep max clean and jerk. Sara took joint victory with an impressive 112kg lift. Callerina Natori also clean and jerked 112kg. 

Sara went into the Event with the mentality that she would “Stay calm and stick to the plan.”

She tied her all time PR, demonstrating her strength and technique when it mattered most. 

“I just had a plan. I had no idea what anyone else did so I just stuck to the plan. Then I was like.. 115?! No, stay calm. Stay calm”



Watch the post event interview here:


At the time of publishing, Sara was in first position with 427 points. UK veteran Sam Briggs holds second with 413 and Slovakia’s Karin Frey sat in third with 411. 


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