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Seven Gymnastics Exercises to Improve Your CrossFit Skills

Gymnastics Exercises – Half pull-ups

Performing half pull-ups will help you develop the strength needed to perform pull ups with good form (and then move on to muscle ups or handstand push-ups). To do this movement, get to the start position of a pull up and, making sure you keep your core engaged and your body is in a hollow position, pull yourself half way up until your arms are at a 90 degree angle.

After a few reps of these, move to the top of the pull up and lower yourself down to half way. Again, ensure your body maintains a hollow position and the move is controlled.

Use support on your feet (like a box) to scale the movement.

Half pull-ups will help initiate lat activation and maintain a good hollow body position for complete pull-ups and any other gymnastic pulling exercises.

“Strength is required for proper form, and proper form is required to demonstrate body control. As such, gymnastics has a clear emphasis on strength in body-weight movements.” – CrossFit Gymnastics Training Guide.

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