The Filthy 150 – What’s Next for Ireland’s Largest Functional Fitness Competition?

Launching in 2013 with just 50 competitors, last weekend saw 800 athletes from 80 gyms around the country descend on Ireland’s capital over two days for what has become the largest functional fitness competition in the country.

Forming 200 teams, the athletes undertook 15 challenging WODs over the two days, each competing for the pride of their gym every step of the way. Besides the obvious exercises associated with functional fitness (burpees, snatches, pull-ups, etc), those taking part also had to complete 4x800m and 2 x 3km relay runs in typically wet Irish weather.

Organised into beginner, intermediate and advanced categories, with junior and masters divisions in each, the event catered for athletes of all levels. And whilst the WODs were challenging in every category, there was an incredible buzz during the intermediate and advanced ladders, the last workouts on Day 1. Fueled by the crowd and their own adrenaline, athletes smashed their previous best and surpassed the expectations they had of themselves, ending the day on a serious high.

This winning atmosphere continued on into Day 2 with yet more athletes surprising themselves and their teammates with their PR achievements.

The level of drama rose even further during the finals as the athletes faced significantly more difficult WODs. In particular, several struggled in the advanced final with the three rounds of 3 toes to bar, 3 chest to bar and 1 bar muscle up, often failing at the last hurdle with the muscle up. This, however, highlighted the clear winners in the category, Team 96 from Crossfit 8020, who ploughed ahead to take first place.

Other winners included CrossFit Wicklow, who took first place in all three beginner categories (beginner, juniors and masters).

The intermediate prize was taken by CrossFit 536, the masters in that category went to CrossFit 8020 and the juniors went to CrossFit Mallow.

CrossFit 8020 succeeded again in the advanced juniors division, with TPFA taking first place in the advanced masters division.

Jamie Lawlor, co-founder of The Filthy150, spoke about what struck him most during the competition: “What stood out to me throughout the entire weekend was the level of support offered to everyone competing. Regardless of their team, gym or competitive level, no one, spectators and athletes included, hesitated to encourage those around them.”

Photo by Katie White.

“In an event like The Filthy150, there’s a ‘no man left behind’ sentiment among everyone there. Athletes aren’t competing against each other, they’re competing with each other. And the level of enthusiasm and energy among these athletes, and their supporters, never seems to falter”, added co-founder Alan Fitzpatrick.

It may be a competition, but The Filthy150 is about getting together, being part of a team and having a lot of fun first and foremost.

The many comments from those who competed are a testament to that:

“Thanks for a great two days, what an atmosphere”

“Unbelievable set up, great energy around the place”

“Bring on next year, loved every minute of it!!!!”

“A fun and energetic two days”

“Bring on next year”

“The energy was brilliant for the two days, well done to all who organised it”

“Thank you so much for a great weekend!! The judges, crew and everyone there were fantastic! Can’t wait for next year already”

With comments like these, there’s no doubt the competition will have to expand even further next year. Rumour has it there may even be a Filthy Cup in the spring, followed by the Filthy Games in summer. And considering the international interest, the competition may have to launch an event outside of Ireland as well. Who knows where The Filthy 150 will be next year?

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