WOD Directory: All Popular Crossfit Workouts and Video Tutorials in One Place

But there are Crossfit workouts that appear regularly on whiteboards across the world. We gathered the most popular ones to create a new addition on – the WOD directory.

Benchmark Crossfit workouts were created to measure the performance and track the improvements made over a longer period of time. It’s often hard to recognize your own progress, that’s why many Crossfitters use benchmark WODs to analyze and most importantly, acknowledge the improvement they have made since starting.

All Crossfit workouts in BOXROX’s WOD directory include instructions with weights in kilos or heights in meters/centimeters. Most workouts also have a scaled version. Under the details, you’ll find videos of exercises used in the workouts, in cooperation with The Box and Me, and performances of CrossFit Games athletes who have previously tried out the workout.

To spike up the healthy competitiveness, our WOD directory features a comment box so you can share your scores.

The WOD Directory was made in a way that allows us to upgrade it daily. In case you have noticed your favourite Crossfit workouts are not featured, let us know over

Beginner WODs

Crossfit workouts appropriate for Crossfit rookies. As most of the other WODs also have a scaled version, you don’t have to get settled down in the Beginner’s category. This is just a start, most often to a new fitness journey.


Brutal WODs

Exclusively only for the biggest beasts in the world of Crossfit. Heavy lifting is a piece of cake? Gymnastic movements feel too simple? Then go all in and try one of these brutal Crossfit workouts usually programmed for the elite of the elite – top competitors at the CrossFit Games.


Hero WODs

These are not just Crossfit workouts, they are tributes to the fallen soldiers, police- and firemen. Every HERO workout has a meaning, a story and a life behind. Pretty often, they will be a challenging test of fitness, not only physically but also mentally.


Open WODs

Since 2011, each year Crossfitters around the globe spent five weeks planning and attacking the Open workouts Dave Castro programs for the first test of fitness on the road to the CrossFit Games. Most of the people will compete with themselves: to beat the score they achieved a year before and see the progress they have made over the past year.


The Girls

The first Girls Crossfit benchmark workouts were introduced in 2003. As the founder and CEO of CrossFit Greg Glassman once said: “I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a female’s name.”


Travel WODs

We don’t always have an access to the box or a gym, especially when travelling. Pack up the sports gear, including your MetCons and a jump rump, bring alone some friends and do the Travel workout outside.



All other popular and “must-try” Crossfit workouts.

How many of the workouts included in the WOD directory have you tried out? Let us know by posting your score under the WOD you have recently “crushed”.


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