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The Hardest (and Craziest) Fitness Challenges In The World

Pull-up challenge, brick push-up challenge, Thor hammer challenge, you name it, there is a nearly impossible fitness challenge.

Core Workout Challenge

This fitness exercise will challenge your core to the fullest. You can perform it with a broomstick.

Core Workout Challenge Extreme

Oh, you managed to get the previous challenge with ease? Then add another stick, one in each hand, and try to get back on your feet. We dare you.


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Pull-Up Touch Your Toes

A pull-up exercise that needs extra coordination and flexibility to be able to touch your toes while in the air.

Brick Challenge Push-Up

Get three bricks, put them together and use it as a point of contact with the floor for your push-up. It is incredibly hard and will fire up all muscles on your shoulders and arms in just one rep.

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