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Toes to Bar Abs Workouts to Help CrossFit Athletes Build a Powerful Core

Test yourself and build solid abs with these top workouts.

These toes to bar abs workouts will help you progress and improve your core strength. If you find toes to bar difficult, we have also included a 5 step progression for you to follow that will help you RX them in no time.

Toes to Bar Abs Workouts 1

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Toes to bar can be a tricky movement to RX.

They aren’t necessarily a skill that you may have learned when you were younger, since they’re a very CrossFit®-specific movement. And I use the word tricky, because they really aren’t always as easy as some athletes can make them look.

So let’s take a few minutes to breakdown the toes to bar movement into a progression format. Whether you have no idea where to start with toes to bar, are having issues stringing them together, or working on being able to do more in a row.

Toes to Bar Progression

Step 1: Beat Swings

Let’s start very simple. Adjust your hands on the pull-up bar to be about shoulder width apart, while keeping both your core and legs tight. Once you are hanging, make sure that your shoulders are active (do not hang in the passive position). Swing back and forth, changing from hollow position, to arch position.

If moving back and forth from the hollow and arch positions is difficult for you, try dropping from the bar and trying these drills on the floor to get more comfortable with the two movements, and how your body adjusts between them.

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