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The Ultimate Kettlebell Leg Workout to Build Muscle and Endurance

This kettlebell leg workout will ensure you will build an enviable lower body strength.

The Kettlebell is unparalleled when it comes to increasing strength, improving conditioning and building mental and physical toughness. Add this ultimate kettlebell leg workout to your training routine to see great results.

For over 300 years the strongest and most savage Russian athletes have used the Kettlebell as the metal to test their mettle.

In this article, we are going to cover movements that will give you great results in as little time as possible, as well as detail how to adjust and tweak this workout to suit the kettlebell weights and set up you have available to you.

kettlebell leg workout

This kettlebell leg workout will give you everything you need to build strength, increase endurance and improve durability, giving you the lower body necessary to take on anything life throws at you.

I would use this workout once per week as part of your Strength training. Increase weight or repetitions over a 4 week period making sure to maintain form and tempo if required.

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After 4 weeks, ease back and give yourself a lighter week before ramping it back up again.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Leg Workout

Duel Kettlebell Squat

  • 8-12 reps (4 sets)

Every good leg day has to begin with the King of all lower body exercises: the Squat.

This Duel Kettlebell Front Racked variation comes with a bucket load of benefits but the one that stands out, for me, is the joint and core stability aspect which is key to stand the test of time.

Depending on the weight of the Kettlebells you have available, you can add in tempo to increase the stimulus here. 

A 32X1 tempo works well with the Squat, This means you will descend for 3 seconds, spend 2 seconds sitting at the bottom of the squat (be sure to maintain tension) X meaning you will accelerate up out of the squat as fast as possible and spend 1 second at the top to reset and repeat

KB Single Arm Bulgarian Split Squats

  • 3 sets of 6 reps with 6 sec Eccentric (Each Leg)

I like to follow up the Bilateral Squat with a Unilateral movement to balance out any weaknesses in each leg individually. When we are talking about the Ultimate kettlebell leg workout, it is impossible to not include the Bulgarian Split Squat.

Possibly the most treaded of all lower-body movements but one that brings too much goodness to leave it out.

I like to use a single Kettlebell for this movement as it makes the movement a little simpler allowing us to fully focus on squeezing everything we can out of those 6-second eccentrics.

You are aiming to go as heavy as you can while maintaining good form and a strict 6 seconds eccentric. This means you will take 6 seconds during the lowering phase of the movement, once you hit the bottom of the Bulgarian Split Squat at the 6-second mark you will accelerate up to standing.

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Kettlebell Leg Workout superset

  • A1) KB Chest Loaded RDL 8-12 reps
  • A2) KB Russian Swings 12-15 reps (or Dual Kettlebell Swing)

* 3 rounds

We move on to the Posterior, the powerhouse of the body!

We are using the Chest loaded RDL as our main hinge pattern, focusing on pushing the hips back and lengthening the hamstrings, the most hamstring activation we can get here the better.

Once you complete your reps you will move on to the KB Russian Swing, I want you to go as heavy as you can here – really use those Glutes and Hamstrings to move the Bell. If you can’t get enough weight using a single KB you can make this a Dual Kettlebell Swing.

Your Hamstrings and Glutes play a huge role in the Squats and Split Squats but they also need a little extra love and care. This superset is a favourite of mine, the Chest Loaded RDL’s allow us to get a good stretch on those Hamstrings and really get them switched on and active before we light them up with the Russian Swing!

I am a huge fan of Swinging Heavy. However, I’m well aware that it’s not always possible due to limited Kettlebell weights, This is why I have included the Dual Kettlebell Swing. This variation adds another dimension as you handle 2 separate weights at one time – the core activation goes through the roof!

Kettlebell Leg Workout AMRAP

AMRAP in 8 minutes:

  • 8 kettlebell low-handle Cossack squats
  • 8 kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls
  • 30-second wall sit
  • 20m kettlebell goblet carry

We move on to the AMRAP and a chance to breathe hard and build some volume, The round allows us to tick multiple boxes in a short time frame giving even more bang for your buck during this workout.

You are going to work through as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes. The focus should be on continuously moving for the full 8 minutes as this is not a HIIT workout.

The Cossack Squat works as a great accessory movement for the Squat and the Lunge as it helps to improve hip and ankle mobility which helps to get deeper, stronger Squats and Lunges.

Kettlebel Goblet Jump Squats AMRAP

2 rounds of as many reps as possible of:

  • Kettlebell goblet jump squats

Pick a weight that allows for 20+ reps on the first set.

Finishing off the workout with this 2 set burn out to empty the tank and leave your legs fuller than a mosquito at a blood bank.

The goal here is to achieve as many reps as possible. This is not about jumping through the ceiling, but rather leaving the floor just enough to get a full extension through the hips, knees and ankles. You will feel the burn.

That’s your Ultimate Kettlebell Leg Workout.

If you would like to get more out of your kettlebell training join our online program thekettlebellclub.co.uk or for more tailored programming get in touch @lukeydpt on Instagram.

About Luke Downing

“NASM Certified Personal Trainer Minimal Kit specialist, Daddy to Luca & Roma Ray. As a father and business owner, I’m well aware that not everybody has hours each day to spend in the gym. I believe that you can do a lot without a lot, which is why I’m a lover of the single Kettlebell workout. I like to keep things as functional as possible, which means I do not waste time with unnecessary movement’s. Everything I do with my athletes has a purpose and a carryover to sports, activities and everyday life.”

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