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The Ultimate Quarantine Workouts Plan: 14 Workouts, Additional Exercises and Extra Tips

Learn how to keep your fitness on track even if you’re stuck indoors for a week or two.

Fitness can go severely downhill if you’re confined to four walls during self-quarantine, but this quarantine workout plan aims to give you the right tools and knowledge to minimise the effects of staying indoors for a week or two.

The importance of daily activity in our day-to-day lives cannot be understated, both for physical and mental health. But without our usual tools at hand - be it fitness equipment, your gym, local track, CrossFit Box, or laps around the block - it can be hard to know what to do, how to maintain your usual activity levels, and how to find suitable substitutes for your usual sporting routine.

That’s why we created this ultimate quarantine workouts plan, to teach you how to get creative with the tools at hand and make your path to working out while quarantining the easiest and smoothest it can be.

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