Love Yourself because Weight Loss is not a Destination

“I’ll be happy when I’m skinny”, “My life will be perfect when I lose this extra weight” How many times have you told yourself that? I know I have many times!

I was always obsessed with my weight growing up. I was never big or overweight (I couldn’t see that!) and I was obsessed with being thin. I figured if I lost a bit here or got rid of some there, I would be happy and my life would be perfect.

primal piggy weight loss barbell cleanSource: Primal Piggy
Aimee working hard

The reality was that trying to lose weight was awful. I wasn’t happy at all, it was stressful. When I lost weight, I was waiting for this magic wand to wave over me and my life would be perfect -guess what, it never happened!


It’s taken me almost a decade to really love my body, I have weightlifting to thank for that. When you realise the amazing things your body can do, you can’t help but love it! All those years of hating my legs because they weren’t slim like all the other girls, well now they have a purpose.

‘These strong legs can clean 80kg now and that really blows my mind. This can be the same for you, find something that makes you truly unique and show yourself some love!’

weight loss primal piggy sled pullSource: Primal Piggy
Aimee training hard!


Please don’t waste time and energy trying to change who you are because you think you should look or act a certain way. I want you to do something for me – buy yourself a really nice journal and keep it beside your bed. Before you turn off the lights I want you to write down something great you did that day (it can be anything at all) and one thing you love about yourself!

Don’t get sucked into what society thinks of you, because I can tell you the next person is 100% worrying about themselves too. Don’t compare yourself to others, I’ve said it before – it’s ok to be inspired by people, but DON’T try become that person. We are all unique butterflies and that is an amazing thing, so embrace your individuality!

primal piggy weight loss transformation photoSource: Primal Piggy
Fall in love with the process and have fun!


There is only one person I compete with and nobody else! Stop focusing on others if you want to succeed because that’s a lot of good energy going to waste. There’s always going to be people better than you out there-learn from them and aim higher! There’s always going to be things you dislike-ignore them and move on! Everyone seems to have an opinion these days but that’s all it is, “your opinion” and not everyone wants to hear it! “Nothing will bring you greater peace than minding your own business” Excuse me I have some goals to smash!

If you ever want to talk about body image or you’re looking to find inner confidence, send me an email at primal and I’ll be happy to talk to you. I’ve been there, I’ve suffered, but I overcame it and you can to!

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