10 Proven Ways To Speed Up Fat Burning

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Check out these 10 proven ways to speed up fat burning.

If you are looking to completely transform your body, you have found the perfect place. The way people want to change their bodies is, usually, through losing weight and gaining muscle. We will give you some tips on the former: losing weight.

As we previously talked about, if you are looking to make the biggest visual impact on your body, you need to lower your body fat percentage. Are there proven ways to speed up fat burning? Yes, there are, and that is what Max Posternak talked about in a recent video.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

If you want to speed up your body’s capacity to burn fat, there are three areas you should target: changing your diet, increasing physical activity, and making small lifestyle changes. Continue reading below.

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10 Proven Ways To Speed Up Fat Burning

Below are the 10 proven ways to speed up fat burning according to Max Posternak.

1. PSMF (Protein-Sparing Modified Fast)

This is a weight loss approach designed to get you as lean as fast as possible. It accomplishes it by putting you through a diet focused on low carb, low fat, and high protein.

The PSMF diet typically only includes lean protein sources (fish, chicken, turkey) and low-carb vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower).

However, this diet is not for everyone, Posternak advises. “I would only do this if you have a body fat percentage over 25 per cent as a man and over 39 per cent as a woman.” If that is your case, you may choose the PSMF diet, but implement it for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for 4-12 weeks.

2. More Aggressive Cut (But Be Careful)

In other words, this is when you increase your calorie deficit.

Just know that your current body fat determines how aggressively you can cut your calories back without losing muscle. Depending on your body fat percentage you can be as aggressive as eating 50% less of your calorie maintenance (recommended for obese people only) up to 20% (more lean people).

3. Training and Muscle Growth

Another proven way to speed up fat-burning is not to focus on cardio, but rather make a priority of lifting weights and growing muscle.

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From a long-term weight loss perspective, having more muscle will improve your metabolism and your insulin sensitivity.

If you are cutting your calories, your best bet is to try and maintain your muscles. A simple way to do that is to use the same weight you lift for exercises as you used to before you began your cutting phase in your diet.

4. Start Your Meals With….

A great way to speed up fat burning is to start your meals with either a salad or a low-calorie soup.

Salads, veggies and soups can have a filling-up effect in your stomach which will help you reduce eating more palatable and comforting food, which usually is packed with more calories.

5. Fibre is Your Friend

To maintain your calorie deficit, fibre can be one of your best friends. Fibre has a filling effect leading to a reduction in consumption.

Fibre prolongs the time food stays in your stomach while having a low-calorie density (2 calories per gram fibre). Aim to consume at least 38 grams of fibre per day if you are a man or a minimum of 24 grams per day if you are a woman.

6. Artificial Sweeteners

If you crave sugar, one way to speed up fat-burning is quite easy which is to replace normal sugar with artificial sweeteners. If you drink normal sodas regularly, switching up to diet sodas will impact your calorie consumption and make you lose weight without much effort.

The same can be said if you like baking cakes or muffins and can replace traditional sugar with an artificial low-calorie sweetener such as Stevia.

7. Walking

Walking is arguably the best exercise to lose weight. It has a low impact on your body, which means you can walk for hours before you begin feeling fatigued. The next day, depending on your level of fitness, your body might not feel sore at all, which means you can do more walking again.

Aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps every day, but increase that as much as you can if you don’t feel fatigued the next day which could impair your normal strength training.


Incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the many proven ways to speed up fat burning.

A study concluded that incorporating 30 minutes of HIIT into a person’s daily routine can burn 1 pound of body fat per week if you are above 185 pounds.

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9. Vitamins and Minerals

Making sure you are getting all essential vitamins and minerals will also help you lose weight faster.

One way or another, Posternak explains, vitamins and minerals impact how efficiently your body will be able to break down fat cells. He talks about iodine, calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamin D.

10. Consistency

Lastly, and probably the most important of all items in this list of 10 proven ways to speed up fat-burning, you need to be consistent.

It doesn’t matter if you cut aggressively on your calories, do HIIT and drink lots of water while taking long walks after your workout sessions. If you are not consistent with the things mentioned above, you will keep the progress you are making, but rather go back to square one.

And that was Posternak’s 10 proven ways to speed up fat burning. To hear him explain each argument in deeper detail, click on the video below.

VIDEO – 10 Proven Ways to Speed Up Fat-Burning

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