Intense 20 Minute AMRAP CrossFit Workouts Every Athlete Should Try

Sometimes you just a need to get your heart rate up and punch in a workout in under 30 minutes. These 20 minute AMRAP CrossFit workouts will help you get it done.

If you only have 20 minutes to work out, these 20 minute AMRAP CrossFit workouts are sure to leave you sweating.

While the 20-minute time domain is on the longer side of most AMRAP workouts, it is one that will not only test your physical endurance but also your mental strength.

AMRAP stands for ‘As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible’ and workouts following this method are a brilliant way to track your fitness and progression.

Because of their intensity, the AMRAP format is great for building conditioning, endurance and mental toughness. The beauty of AMRAP workouts is that it doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or an elite athlete, this format will be as challenging as you make it.

Always remember, even though you’re trying to complete as many rounds or repetitions as possible, form is more important than speed. The benefits of the workout might be lost if you’re performing sloppy reps with bad form; while your muscles will burn during a 20-minute AMRAP workout, don’t compromise your form for speed.

Try these varied 20-minute AMRAP workouts to test yourself and push your body to its limits.

1. Open 20.2

  • 4 Dumbbell Thrusters (2×50/35 lb)
  • 6 Toes-to-Bar
  • 24 Double-Unders


  • 4 Dumbbell Thrusters (2×35/20 lb)
  • 6 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 24 Single-Unders

2. Bodyweight AMRAP 20

  • 100 Double-Unders
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 30 Sit Ups
  • 40 Lunges
wodshots fittest freakestSource: WODSHOTS

3. 20-Minute AMRAP

  • 200m sprint
  • 8 Barbell Thrusters
  • 10 Toes-to-Bar

Try to use the toes-to-bar as your time to breathe and recover. Give it your all in the 200m sprint and don’t be afraid to break up the thrusters.

Image Sources

  • wodshots fittest freakest: WODSHOTS
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