2022 Dubai Fitness Championship Roster; Director of DFC Says Prize Purse Won’t Increase After Cutting Ties with CrossFit

Saud Alshamsi did not deny a chance to come back and partner up with CrossFit in the future again.

Invitations have been sent and now we know the full 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship roster. The organisation parted ways with CrossFit Inc. and the director of the tournament told BOXROX the reasoning behind it and that the prize purse won’t be affected by it.

2022 Dubai Fitness Championship Roster

These are the athletes who will be competing at the 2022 Dubai Fitness Championship (DFC) this year.

A total of 20 men and 20 women will be competing on December 2-4, 2022. Last year, Laura Horvath and Roman Khrennikov won the tournament, but both are not returning this year.


  1. Fabian Beneito Selles – Spain
  2. Giorgos Karavis – Greece
  3. Lazar Dukic – Serbia
  4. Alex Kotoulas – Greece
  5. Jonne Koski – Finaland
  6. Aniol Ekai – Spain
  7. Vladimir Sechin – Russian Federation
  8. Damian Martinez Satorres – Spain
  9. Luka Dukic – Serbia
  10. Samuel Cournoyer – Canada
  11. Luka Vunjak – Serbia
  12. Nikita Yundov – Belarus
  13. Briant Guillaume – France
  14. Javier Gonzalez – Spain
  15. Victor Hoffer – France
  16. Reggie Fasa – U.K.
  17. Michal Wesolowski – Poland
  18. Brent Fikowski – Canada
  19. Simon Mantyla – Sweden
  20. Khan Porter – Australia


  1. Claudia Gluck – France
  2. Aoife Burke – Ireland
  3. Jamie Simmonds – New Zealand
  4. Oihana Moya Oliver – Spain
  5. Seher Kaya – Norway
  6. Matilde Oyen Garnes – Norway
  7. Emily Rolfe – Canada
  8. Manon Angonese – Belgium
  9. Tayla Howe – U.K.
  10. Aimee Cringle – U.K.
  11. Freya Moosbrugger – Canada
  12. Karin Frey – Slovakia
  13. Andrea Solberg – Norway
  14. Valentina Magalotti – Italy
  15. Maria Langfors – Sweden
  16. Ella Kanona Wunger – Sweden
  17. Dana Paran – U.S.
  18. Valentina Rangel – Colombia
  19. Hanna Karlsson – Sweden
  20. Lena Richter – Norway

Last year, for the first time, we saw athletes competing on a man-made snow hill. As of yet, we do not know what the workouts planned will be for this year’s competition.

laura horvath running in snow at dubai crossfit championship

Dubai Fitness Championship Part Ways with CrossFit Inc.

Earlier this week, the organisation announced that it was changing its name from Dubai CrossFit Championship (DCC) to Dubai Fitness Championship (DFC).

Saud AlShamsi, director of the DFC, told BOXROX the decision was made because CrossFit and DFC’s “visions do not match up.”

The organisation was paying $75,000 a year for the licensing of the CrossFit brand in what AlShamsi called “not fair, paying more than anyone in the world,” but he maintains that they still love the Sport and could plan a comeback “if we see that CrossFit matched our vision.”

Although some speculated that the money DFC saves by not paying for the CrossFit Brand would be put into the prize purse to attract more athletes, AlShamsi denied that possibility.

“No, prizes will be the same,” he told BOXROX. “DCC or DFC will always keep on happening and attracting the biggest names in the sport of CrossFit and fitness enthusiasts around the world.”

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