8 Best Barbell Exercises for Glutes (Grow Your Butt)

Upgrade your butt performance!

Do you want to grow your butt, but don’t have access to much equipment? Check out the best barbell exercises for glutes to get your behind in growth mode.

The glutes are, sadly, a muscle group that many people often neglect. It is true that you can work your glutes by working around other muscle groups such as the quads, the calves and the lower back. But if you really want to impact and grow your butt, you need to target it properly with the right exercises.

And this is where the good old barbell can come in handy with the best barbell exercises for glutes. It was first shared by LaToya Johnson.

LaToya Johnson and Julius are the masterminds behind the up-and-coming YouTube channel Juice and Toya where they talk about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. They are both fitness coaches with vast experience.

Best Barbell Exercises for Glutes

1. Barbell Deadlift

And we begin with an exercise that targets your back, but will also help your butt get bigger. The reliable and well-rounded compound movement deadlift performed with a barbell.

best barbell exercises for glutes

To target your glutes more in this movement, keep the weight back into your heel, keep the barbell close to your shins, and make sure you are pressing your hips back.

2. Single-Leg Deadlift

This is a variation of the deadlift and quite harder too. This movement will also make you push your hips backwards and with pressure on your heels to target your glutes better.

3. Barbell Split Stance Lunge

Step over the barbell before starting this exercise. Pull the barbell between your legs and perform stationary lunges holding the barbell up and down between your legs.

4. Hip Thrust

Next on our list of best barbell exercises for glutes is the hip thrust, considered by many the best exercise to target specifically your glutes. You will feel your butt burning after a couple of sets and you can easily overload it by adding more weight to the barbell.

5. Landmine Press

If you don’t have a landmine set up, take the barbell to the corner of your house or gym to perform this exercise. Feel the tension on your glutes and squeeze them at the top.

6. Landmine Deadlift

Just like with other deadlifts in this list, make sure you keep your hips back and push through your heels.

7. Staggered Deadlift

The staggered position is with closed feet apart, more or less one foot over and one foot back. This position allows you to feel more tension on one side of your glutes, and it is similar to the single-leg deadlift, but you are more stable as you have both feet on the ground.

8. Bulgarian Single-Leg Deadlift

This is similar to the Bulgarian Split Squat, but instead of driving your knee to the ground like a lounge, you are going to hinge to keep the tension on your butt and not on your quads.

And these are the 8 best barbell exercises for glutes. If you want to know what each exercise looks like, check out the video below.

VIDEO – Best Barbell Exercises for Glutes

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