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2023 CrossFit Games Individuals Recap Day 4

The 4th and final day of the 2023 CrossFit Games for individuals happened this Sunday where the remaining top 20 athletes did the final 3 workouts before Jeff Adler and Laura Horvath were crowned the Fittest on Earth.

Prior to the event, Jamie Simmonds withdrew from competition – she was ranked 11th overall – so only 19 female athletes were competing starting from event 10.


Muscle-up Logs

5 rounds for time:

  • 7 muscle-ups
  • 1 sandbag over 3 logs

(Rounds 1-4 = (100/150 lb), Round 5 = (125/200 lb)

Parallel-bar Pull

8 rounds for time:

  • Down and back P-bar traverse 
  • 30 heavy-rope double-unders 
  • 1 section hand-over-hand sled pull

Echo Thruster Final

For time:


  • Echo Bike calories
  • Thrusters (85/115 lb) (95/135 lb) (105/155 lb)
  • Then, 66-foot overhead walking lunge (105/155 lb)

2023 CrossFit Games Individuals Recap Day 4

With the field of competitors reduced to the top 20, for the first event of the day, all athletes from the same division were competing side by side. That meant you would know straight away who to watch for and who you should be beating to get closer to the podium.

And that is exactly what Laura Horvath did, the winner of the event. She won her fourth test and moved closer to Emma Lawson (the leader) and shaved off 25 points difference.

Although Lawson was dominating at the beginning of the workout, with Emma Cary also showing her strength, it was around the second round that Horvath began distancing from the pack and taking control of the game. With no hiccups, she finished ahead of everyone – 18 seconds ahead second placed Alex Gazan.

  1. Laura Horvath
  2. Alex Gazan
  3. Arielle Loewen

In the men’s division, we saw a shift on the top. Khrennikov, who had the leader jersey since event 2, lost it to Jeff Adler. The Canadian won the event, mere seconds ahead of Koski, while the Russian athlete finished 4th – the difference in the leaderboard between the two was only 2 points.

  1. Jeff Adler
  2. Jonne Koski
  3. Jelle Hoste

Before the penultimate test, bad news for fans of Khrennikov. The Russian athlete landed wrong on his foot in the previous event and was limping after it. Sean Woodland mentioned a broken foot, maybe the metatarsal. Khrennikov entered the arena with two different shoes for more support.

Khrennikov also did the heavy double-unders using only one foot. For this test, it was all about showing his resilience and damage control. Because of that, all eyes were on Adler who started the event with the leader jersey and tried to get as far away from Khrennikov and Vellner (3rd place) as possible.

  1. Brent Fikowski
  2. Pat Vellner
  3. Jonne Koski

In the women’s division, Laura Horvath made sure she would be wearing the leader jersey again. He finished well ahead of the other competitors in her heat and took first place overall and her 5th event win this year.

Lawson finished 7th in the heat and 10th in the event. She saw Horvath shoot up ahead of her with only one more event to finish the 2023 CrossFit Games. After this event, Horvath led the way with 22 points ahead of Lawson – this means that, in the last event, if Lawson finishes 5 or more positions ahead of Horvath, she would take over the mantle.

  1. Laura Horvath
  2. Danielle Brandon
  3. Alex Gazan

The last event of the day and of the 2023 CrossFit Games was inside the Coliseum in the Alliant Center Arena.

Divided into two heats, Jelle Hoste and Baylee Martin were fighting for the “Rookie of the Year” award in the first heat, as they are the only two newcomers in the men’s division. Samuel Kwant won the heat followed by Justin Medeiros and Jelle Hoste.

The second heat put forward athletes fighting for every spot on the podium. Although Khrennikov had a foot injury, there was still some belief that he could go through the event without giving up too many points to other competitors. Vellner (3rd), Fikowski (4th) and Chandler Smith (5th) began the event with every chance of getting to the podium, as well as Jonne Koski and BK Gudmundsson who were 40 points behind Khrennikov.

As soon as Khrennikov’s heat started, he began the echo bike with only one foot, meaning he would not be able to finish the workout within the cap time. The race then began for the 2nd and 3rd place with Pat Vellner, Chandler Smith and Brent Fikowski fighting for it.

The event ended up with these winners:

  1. Dallin Pepper
  2. Samuel Kwant
  3. Justin Medeiros

Adler took 5th in the event, Vellner 11th, Chandler Smith 12th and Fikowski 13th.

The top 10 on the overall leaderboard looked like this:

  1. Jeff Adler – 953
  2. Pat Vellner – 837
  3. Roman Khrennikov – 801
  4. Brent Fikowski – 781
  5. Dallin Pepper – 778
  6. Jonne Koski – 771
  7. Chandler Smith – 743
  8. Jay Crouch – 728
  9. Lazar Dukic – 716
  10. Jelle Hoste – 710

The full leaderboard can be seen here.

mobilise your shoulders for overhead strict press 5 Barbell Exercises you Need for Muscle Mass
Jeff Adler is 2023 CrossFit Games winner and Fittest Man on Earth.

In the women’s division, Olivia Kerstetter won the first heat, but all eyes were on Horvath and Lawson, the two contenders for the title of Fittest Woman on Earth. Horvath had to place 5th or higher in the event to get the gold medal without having to worry about how Lawson did.

Although Horvath didn’t take the test (she finished 4th), she did finish ahead of Lawson, solidifying her position on top of the podium.

  1. Olivia Kerstetter
  2. Katrin Davidsdottir
  3. Gabriela Migala

In the end, the top 10 on the overall leaderboard looked like this:

  1. Laura Horvath – 966
  2. Emma Lawson – 919
  3. Arielle Loewen – 883
  4. Gabriela Migala – 788
  5. Alex Gazan – 786
  6. Alexis Raptis – 771
  7. Katrin Davidsdottir – 741
  8. Emma Cary – 731
  9. Danielle Brandon – 711
  10. Paige Powers – 696

The full leaderboard you can see it here.

laura horvath does dumbbell overhead squat The Perfect Leg Workout Squat Variations for Strength
Laura Horvath won the 2023 CrossFit Games and is the Fittest Woman on Earth.

If you missed out on the action, you can watch all the Livestreams here.

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